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Indigo Lake Estates is a deed-restricted community of custom homes on acreage home sites.  We are located approximately 3 miles outside of Magnolia Texas, just a short drive northwest of Houston.
For any questions regarding Indigo Lake Estates please contact
C.K.M. Property Management, Inc.
PO Box 160, Tomball, Texas  77377
Christy Johnson, Manager
~ News ~

Waster System Flushing
Our operator will be flushing the water system in the Indigo Lakes subdivision, tomorrow, December 9, 2014.
During the day of flushing you may experience some discoloration in the water. This is caused by natural sediment in the water mainlines that is being flushed out of the system.
We suggest that you refrain from washing clothing on the day of flushing due to the possibility of sediment in the lines. Before washing clothes, make sure that the water is clear. The adding of chlorine bleach while washing clothes could make any discoloration problems worse.
Why do we flush? The water entering our distribution mains is of very high quality; however, water quality can deteriorate in distribution mains if the mains are not properly managed. Accumulation of sediment in the piping system, especially in low flow areas must be removed under controlled conditions.
Once the flushing is complete you may notice that the water appears milky or slightly discolored. This is generally just air in the lines and can be alleviated by going to the outside tap which brings incoming water from the meter and running that faucet  for about 5-10 mins. This should clear any particles out of the line. If the discoloration does not disappear, call the office so we can help resolve the issue.

 Quadvest, L.P.
281-356-5347 (office)
281-305-1132 (direct)
281-356-5382 (fax)

Board Meetings
The ILEPOA Board of Directors Meetings are held on the first Monday of the month at the West Montgomery Community Development Center
located at 31355 Friendship Drive, Magnolia, TX 77355
          Next Board meeting will be held on Monday, January 5th @ 7pm             

All ACC applications now require a deposit at time of submittal.
Please see the updated ACC Guidelines here on the
website for more detailed information.

ILEPOA Lake Rules 
ILEPOA Lake Rules have been revised. One of the main changes is that $300,000 in liability coverage is now required on any motorized watercraft registered to be used on Indigo Lake. To see the full set of lake rules please go to the Watercraft Registration tab. 

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